KeyShot Contrast Scene Setup For 3D Jewelry Animation 360 Rendering


Ready-made KeyShot (v.7 and above) contrast scene setup with HDRI map and materials are great for 360 turntable video 3D jewelry rendering.



  • animation optimized
  • 3 color gold KeyShot materials
  • white diamond KeyShot materials
  • 3 gemstone KeyShot materials (ruby, sapphire, emerald)
  • jewelry ring 3D CAD model from sample render (STL /print-ready, OBJ, FBX)
  • HDRI environment map (5000×2500 pxs)
  • scratch textures for realistic visualization (color / normal)


This scene is great for CAD jewelry designers of high-quality and easy 3D visualization.

A contrasting fully customized KeyShot scene for rendering still images and animating 360 degrees jewelry on a white background.
The scene contains custom materials of gemstones, diamond, and 3 colors of gold.
Lighting in the scene uses an HDRI environment map (included).

Note! Sample render files (images/video) are not included in the download files.

What need:

  • import model and apply materials
  • apply animation rotate
  • adjust lighting using the HDRI environment
  • done!

Kit includes:

  • scene KeyShot package (.ksp) with:
    – 3 color gold materials (white, yellow, rose)
    – 3 gemstone materials (ruby, sapphire, emerald)
    – white diamond material
  • scratch texture for metal material (.jpg)
  • HDRI environment map (.hdr)
  • 3D CAD model from sample rendering of a jewelry ring in the formats: OBJ, FBX, STL (print-ready)
  • simple user guide (for start)


Luxion KeyShot Software versions 7-11 and above. Learn here.

Need help?

Short video how to use a similar scene setup,
and also…
We have a video course Jewelry rendering in KeyShot 10.

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