Black Style Scene Setup For KeyShot Jewelry Rendering


The pre-made scene in black style for high-quality jewelry rendering in KeyShot (version 7 and above)



  • 3 color gold KeyShot materials
  • white diamond KeyShot material
  • 3 gemstone KeyShot materials (ruby, sapphire, emerald)
  • jewelry ring 3D CAD model from sample render (STL /print-ready, OBJ, FBX)
  • HDRI environment map (5000×2500 pxs)


This pre-made scene is great for black style jewelry designs of high-quality and simple 3D jewelry visualization.
Lighting in the scene uses an HDRI environment map (included).

Note! Sample render files (images) are not included in the download files.

What needs to do?

  • open the received scene file KeyShot
  • import model and apply materials
  • adjust lighting using the HDRI environment
  • done!

Kit includes:

  • scene KeyShot package (.ksp) with:
    – 3 color gold materials (white, yellow, rose)
    – 3 gemstone materials (ruby, sapphire, emerald)
    – white diamond material
  • HDRI environment map (.hdr)
  • ring 3D model from sample rendering (first image). Formats: OBJ, FBX, STL (print-ready)
  • simple user guide (for start)


Luxion KeyShot Software versions 7-11 and above. Learn here.

Need help?

Short video how to use a similar scene setup,
and also…
We have a video course Jewelry rendering in KeyShot 10.


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