Gemstones in Different Square Cuts 3D Models Pack2


A set of different gemstone square shapes. These 3D gemstone models are perfect for visualizing your jewelry designs.



  • The most popular square gems cuts
  • Several formats (FBX, OBJ, STL)


Brilliant and stepped square cuts are included in this set. Brilliant cuts are the most sparkling of all diamond cuts. The step cut represents a square or rectangular shape of stone, with cuts made in linear lines like steps.

In the kit, there are 11 types of frequently used faceting cuts. Among them are Asscher, Baguette (different numbers of facets), Cushion (different numbers of facets), Emerald, French, Princess, Radiant, Radiant Square, and Table cuts.

The archive contains 11 models of gems in the formats: FBX, OBJ, STL.

The set contains only 3D CAD model files.
Sample render files (images) are not included in the download files.

Kit includes:

  • CAD gemstone 3D models. Formats:
    — FBX
    — OBJ
    — STL
  • Cuts:
    — Asscher-cut
    — Baguette-cut (different numbers of facets V1, V2)
    — Cushion-cut (different numbers of facets V1, V2)
    — Emerald-cut
    — French-cut
    — Princess-cut
    — Radiant-cut
    — Radiant-cut Square
    — Table-cut


Software supporting 3D modeling.


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